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I am a mix-media installation artist creating indoor and outdoor sculptures with a fantastical and ethereal emphasis. With my imagination leading the way, I incorporate various materials and turn them into magical pieces of nature inspired art.

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Photo by Alycia Sea Photography

I draw inspiration from the many fantastical stories, movies, and soundtracks I enjoyed since childhood that transported my imagination into another world. All of my work is meticulously constructed by hand and built from the ground up using various materials such as polystyrene foam sculpting as the base, welded metal supports, fiberglass, resin, wood, EVA foam, plaster, mesh wire, spray paints, airbrush paints and more to create immersive realistic elements.

Take a moment to check out my gallery directly below and please get in touch if you’d like to discuss potential collaborations or commissions.

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My Work: Pro Gallery
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